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TILSE® GLASS is a compound security glass made out of two or more chemically tempered panes bonded with our special resin TFG. With this resin and our modern manufacturing process we achieve highest optical quality and an outstanding breaking strength, often leading to reduction in the glass thickness.

Thus TILSE® GLASS offers all advantages in one product: it keeps its shape even in case of damage of one or more panes due to its compound and at the same time offers the best optical clarity compared to thermally tempered glass.

TILSE® GLASS is made as both plane and bent glass to the customer's precise requirements. Due to the size of the chemical bath the maximum size of the panes is limited to 2000 x 3000 mm by default. For panes up to 4800 x 2500 mm there is the option of a specialized chemical bath.

We can produce the panes either to your templates or 3D models or we take 3D measurements on board. The smallest bending radius is 150 mm without any optical influences. TILSE® GLASS can be produced in cones, cylinders or spheres and can also be cut to shape using full-size templates. The final glazing is installed by our own certified employees meeting the yacht standard requirements.

TILSE® GLASS can be delivered in various colours such as white, clear, grey, bronze, green and in two blue colours.


When thinking of ship safety, single-layer safety glass, thermally toughened, always comes to one’s mind. However, this is no longer standard. Single safety glass received its name from its way to break (into thousands of pieces leaving a big hole) and its higher strength compared to not toughened glass. The car building industry therefore has used for many years only compound safety glass out of two float glasses.

With TILSE® GLASS we have consequently improved this idea. TILSE® GLASS is a high quality product providing triple safety. It consists of two chemically toughened panels of glass held together (without any tension) with 1.5 mm of very sophisticated UV and seawater- resistant resin (full UV absorption for interiors and clothes up to 340 nm without any yellowing, continuous heat resistance –40° to +110°C). Tests on TILSE® GLASS have shown a considerably higher strength compared to single-layer safety glass, compound safety glass, acrylic glass, Lexan or Makrolon.

It retains its form when broken due to its compound construction. If one layer of glass breaks, the second glass and the resin keep the whole glass together - there is no hole through which water can enter. Only under even higher pressure breaks the second glass layer. But even then the resin layer holds the broken glass in place and no water can enter.

In addition to the high safety advantages, TILSE® GLASS guarantees excellent vision without distortion or deformation (which cannot be achieved with thermally toughened glass).

TILSE® GLASS is more and more installed also as plane compound safety glass (compound safety glass chemically treated) due to its high safety advantages and the excellent vision as well as the adjusted edges being very important when the glass is installed without frames.

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