bulletproof and attack-resistant glass

For optimal protection we developed TILSE® GLASS BB based on our well-known TILSE® GLASS BB product line. FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® BB is a compound security glass with bullet proof and attack-resistant characteristics.

Depending on the protection class, TILSE® GLASS BB is offered with a varied number of panes and resin interlayers. We only use pure float glass. Other materials like foils, polycarbonates or PMMA have an impaired optic and an increased risk of delamination of the compound caused by different expansion coefficients and different surface adhesion. A delaminated pane does not give sufficient protective function anymore.

As TILSE® GLASS BB is manufactured with chemically toughened glass, the compound glass remains transparent after the penetration of the glass. The bullet-hole only causes punctual damage.

Due to the special compound of TILSE® GLASS BB, which depends on the protection class standard, a variety of bullets from different weapons and type of munitions can be blocked. Our special combination of glass and resin absorbs the kinetic energy of the bullet and prevents full penetration without any splitters.

TILSE® GLASS BB was tested to VPAM PM 2007 of VPAM, taking the DIN EN 1063 into consideration, but with considerably higher and more accurate standard.