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In modern yacht building the use of glass is ever increasing. Not only are windows getting much larger, but glass is often being used in the overall design and styling of the yachts. We offer designers, owners and yards a variety of products, which have proved their optimal performance on more than 250 yachts worldwide for over twenty years. Our customers have a holistic approach to design and quality and our products meet these exacting requirements. The superyacht industry demands the highest quality and only this quality deserves the term "Yacht standard". 

Our glass products provide exactly the right solution for your projects.


The product family FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® is the first choice for the glazing of your yacht. FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® is a compound security glass using two or more panes of chemically toughened glass. It is type approved by both Lloyds Register and ABS, and accepted by all major classification societies.

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We have developed FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® CS, a compound system safety glazing for hull windows and portlights which meets the requirements for Lloyds classed and Cayman Islands flagged superyachts under LY3. With FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® CS both permanently fixed and locally stored deadlights are avoided altogether.

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For an optimum protection we developed FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® BB based on our well-known FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® product line. FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® BB is a compound security glass with bullet proof and attack-resistant characteristics.

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MICROCLEAR® is our heated glass. This is the solution for all glazing which must be prevented from icing or steaming up, e.g. in the bridge area.

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Glass is a premium material with a fine and smooth surface which can easily be cleaned. Many other materials which are used for the modern interior design do not offer these advantages. Therefore we have created ART COMPOUND® - a compound glass which protects fabric, wood, metal, photos etc. behind glass but at the same time guarantees the full visual impact of the material.

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For all areas where single security glass is required, we offer SINGLE GUARD® - a thermally tempered glass.

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On special request we offer COMPOUND GUARD® - a compound security glass made out of thermally tempered glass. 

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