Architectural glass

Architects outside the yacht sector also rely on the quality of our TILSE® GLASS products. Glass plays a major role in the design of buildings due to the excellent visual qualities of the material. Many architects therefore rely on the large-scale use of glass in their designs.

Due to the unique shape and size of the glass surfaces and the high demands on the quality, it requires an extraordinary custom-made production similar to the production of glass for superyachts. At exactly this point, we support your project with our years of expertise in the yachting sector and our well-known top quality. We accompany you in all project phases and thus together bring your design to life.

Besides the classic building construction, TILSE® GLASS is also used in interior design. The area of interior design offers a variety of possible applications for our high-quality glass, e.g. in shop and showcase construction. Both simply bent glass as well as spherically bent glass offer an excellent sight.