compound system safety glazing for hull windows and portlights

Superyacht owners and designers want to avoid unattractive and cumbersome fixed or portable deadlights on hull windows and portlights. Using technology we have developed TILSE® GLASS CS, a compound system safety glazing for hull windows and portlights which meets the requirements for Lloyds classed and Cayman Islands flagged superyachts under LY3. With TILSE® GLASS CS both permanently fixed and locally stored deadlights are avoided altogether.

TILSE® GLASS CS is one complete window which is bonded from outside into the hull. This consists of two independent safety glazing panes which are held together by a specially reinforced and shock resistant spacer.

TILSE® GLASS CS has been engineered and built to withstand extreme pressure and impact forces. Numerous tests (Hydrostatic water pressure tests to LY3 and ISO 11336-1, 4-point-bend test to EN 1288-3 and ball drop test to EN 356 : 2000-02) have proven the reliability of this new deadlight free compound system glazing.

We offer various glass combinations from 5-5-5 to 8-5-5 mm, depending on the size of the window. In addition to flat windows, we can offer this solution in curved forms (conic, spheric or cylindric shape).

In conclusion TILSE® GLASS CS is the optimum solution for both protection of life at sea, and meeting the critical aesthetic demands expected on a modern superyacht.