single-pane safety glass

For all areas where single-pane safety glass is required, we offer SINGLE GUARD® - a thermally tempered glass.

SINGLE GUARD® is a thermally tempered glass which in case of damage breaks into thousands of pieces and thus minimizes the potential of injury. In event of damage a single-pane safety glass is reduced to tiny pieces and no longer serves as a boundary or partition.

However, if the glass forms part of an essential boundary (i.e. for fire or weather tight integrity), a compound security glass such as FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® must be installed. Thermally tempered glass does not have the same optical clarity as chemically toughened glass due to differences in the production process. With thermally tempered glass there can be marks on the glass surface as well as imperfections called anisotropies which reduce the optical clarity. Chemically toughened glass such as FORMGLAS SPEZIAL® does not have these glass defects.