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The ultimate tank level measurement is undertaken at the transmitter. The transmitter type depends on the installation location and its purpose.

The electro-pneumatic transmitter TIMON® 3-17 is the top model of our transmitters. It combines the advantages of pneumatic measuring with those of electric measurement: As with the pneumatic tank level measuring systems air bubbles are continuously streamed from the lowest part of the tank.

The integrated pressure sensor measures the pressure of the air bubbles. The tank contents, for example heavy oil or sewage, are not in contact with the sensitive pressure sensor. The continuous air supply also cleans the measuring pipe. In case of an interruption of the air supply the integrated non-return valve prevents the tank medium from penetrating into the transmitter.

This measuring method allows an individual and versatile mounting of the transmitters. It is possible to place the transmitters on top of the tank, at the side of the tank or even under the tank. Only the measuring pipe must lead from the lowest part of the tank to the transmitter. It is even possible to place the transmitter far away from the tank, for example inside a control panel. Thus the transmitter can be installed in an easy accessible place.

For the electric measurement TILSE offers two transmitters types:

The TIMON® ME 49 transmitter is the classic electric transmitter. The pressure sensor measures the pressure directly in the tank contents. The transmitter must be mounted under the tank. The measured pressure is transmitted as an electric signal.

The TIMON® NC 54 is a captive pressure sensor. The measuring sensor enters the tank from the top. The filling level is measured and transmitted as an electric signal.

The electric signal of the transmitters is then indicated by a TIMON® indicator or is processed by the tank level controller TIMON® 122 for the display on any web browser.